Thursday, January 22, 2009

Freedom, Liberty, and the Truth for America's Fathers

Five percent of America's population are pulling for freedom and liberty in the Truth. Five percent of America's population are pulling for a false utopia under the care of a benevolent government. Ninety percent of America's population has a headache. A headache which may find some relief by simply hoping for a better future for themselves and their families. Some relief is also found in apathy toward the competing world views which are currently dividing America's society.

Most fathers are minding their own business and doing the best they can to provide for their loved ones, but the lack of Truth and wisdom in the hearts and minds of the working man fails to strengthen his courage in taking a stand for preserving freedom and liberty for his children and their children.

Some fathers (and a majority of America's population) may place their hope in a large benevolent government administered by professional comfort seekers who themselves are lacking Truth and wisdom. Truth and wisdom are in opposition to government force and intimidation, yet those who place their hope in government controled utopia and cradle to grave love and care are asking the government to take control of their entire lives. Freedom isn't free and neither are bail-outs and healthcare.

Place your hope in Truth and wisdom and not in a government program. Find the Truth and share it with your neighbors so that strength in numbers can cut off the enslaving tenticles of expanding government. Bring back freedom, liberty, and individual responsibility. A society wise in the Truth can govern itself with freedom, liberty, and justice for all--without misguided legislatures and courts redefining common sense and common decency.

What say you?